Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2012 Reading List

Last year it seemed good to present a list of books that I’ve read.  So, this year I have done the same.  I’m a little late, seeing as it’s almost April…better late than never, I guess!  I’ve commented on some, but not all.  Here they are…

1. A Generous Orthodoxy By Brian D. McLaren

I picked this book up at a discount book store in Branson, MO (I think I paid $4).  A Generous Orthodoxy was an interesting read, and I can understand why some would like to pick on McLaren.   

2. The God-Hungry Imagination: The Art of Storytelling for Postmodern Youth Ministry By Sara Arthur

I usually remember who recommends a book to me or where I purchased it.  For this book, I can remember neither where I purchased it nor who might have suggested it to me.  I am, however, very glad that The God-Hungry Imagination showed up on my shelf!  As the title suggests, Arthur talks a lot about the importance of story for the passing on of faith, especially as it concerns liturgy.  She says:

"If we as a church are truly concerned about 'pervasive teen inarticulacy' when it comes to the biblical and theological content of faith, then we need to look no further than what happens in worship on Sunday morning…  Reclaiming the story means reclaiming the form as our basic structure, whether this follows the classic liturgy of the ancient church or a very intentional yet faithful recrafting flavored by the context we find ourselves in." (p. 121)

3. The Art of Fielding: A Novel By Chad Harbach

At the end of last year’s post about which books I’ve read, I asked what you all were reading and for suggestions.  The only person who responded posted that they were reading The Art of Fielding.  I summarily dismissed the recommendation.  A few months later, another friend walked up to me, handed me The Art of Fielding and said, “Here, read this.”  So I did.  It’s a book about baseball, life and love (of all different kinds).  I enjoyed it and am thankful for the recommendation!    
4. The Doctrine of the Word of God: Church Dogmatics, Vol. 1.2  By Karl Barth

I am 2/13 of the way through Church Dogmatics.  At the rate of 1 volume per year, I’ll be done in the year 2023 at the age of 41.  And I’m ok with that.  Barth stretches me in ways that few authors do.